Felted Bunnies

Needle Felt Bunnies_1

Spring is in the air and we have been needle felting up a storm.  If you have never needle felted before it is super fun and most of all very simple.  You can create lots of shapes with just a few supplies.  You will need a felting pad, felting needle, core wool, and some brightly colored curly locks.  We created these spring bunnies using a cookie cutter for our pattern.

Needle Felt Bunnies_2

Accent your favorite flowers with a bunny or make an entire bouquet of bunnies like we have done.  You could also string them to make a really cute spring garland!!  First lay your cookie cutter on your felting pad and place a small amount of core wool inside, then start punching with your felting needle, remember to punch straight up and down because the needles are fragile.  Once you have punched a bunny about 1/4″ thick from the core wool layer it with a small amount of your colored curly locks.  Punch your color on both sides and remove your bunny from the cookie cutter.  You should be able to see the shape of your bunny by now and can add the color to the edges.

Needle Felt Bunnies_3

We have everything you need to create these bunnies here at the store so come by to start creating your spring accent!

New Vice Shipment

Blurred Lines_1

This new shipment of Blurred Lines includes 6 colors.  Each large ball of fingering weight Superwash Merino and Nylon includes a hefty 600 yards that can be machine washed!  We have the following colors to choose from Maple Leaf, Sea to Meadow, Boogie Nights, Newspaper, Into the Whorl, and Teal Deer.

Bamboo Bloom Cowl

Bamboo Bloom Cowl_1

Our Bamboo Bloom Cowl is based on a pattern by Stitch Supply Company.  You only need one hank of Universal Yarn Bamboo Bloom Handpaints.  This project is a quick knit and can be completed in less than 4 hours.  The simple pattern keeps your interest by accenting the thick sections of wool in the yarn.  You basically knit the thin areas and purl the thick areas of the yarn, this gives the project interest and texture.

Bamboo Bloom Cowl_2

This lightweight yarn is a great accent for spring and cool summer nights.  It would also be a great gift.  With 6 colors available to choose from at the store you are sure to find your favorite!  The revised pattern is available at L & B Yarn Co. with your purchase of Bamboo Bloom.

Blue Heron Spiderweb Shawl

Spiderweb Shawl_3_edited-1

We just received a new shipment of Blue Heron Rayon Metallic.  Blue Heron Yarns was formed in 1995 and is a family owned company that provides the finest quality yarns for crocheters, knitters, and weavers. Each batch of yarn is meticulously hand-painted in their art studio and most of the yarns are made in the US.

Spiderweb Shawl_4

With over 10 colors to choose from each skein has a hefty 550 yards of beautiful, soft, silky, sparkle rayon.  This lightweight shawl is a great spring accent.  It only takes one hank and knits up quickly on a size 9 needle.  This is a great project for knitters at any level.  The pattern includes knits, yo, k2tog, and m1.

Rayon Metallic_1

When you finish up you add lots of fun fringe which really makes the shawl drape nicely.  The pattern is free with the purchase of the yarn.

3 Color Cashmere Cowl

3-Color Cashmere Cowl_1

I have been eyeing the 3 Color Cashmere Cowl by Joji Locatelli for sometime now.  I finally decided to try it in one of our new spring yarns, Hempathy by Elsebeth Lavold.  I am in love with how it turned out!!  This pattern paired with a hemp, cotton, and modal blend is going to be fabulous with my spring wardrobe.

3-Color Cashmere Cowl_2

This knit flew by, it was one of those projects that I didn’t want to end.  The pattern changes periodically making you want to keep knitting so you can see how the next pattern looks in the yarn.  I used 5 balls of Hempathy (2 pale silver, 2 bleached white, and 1 vibrant lemon) I literally used up every inch of the vibrant lemon but I had enough to finish that section.

3-Color Cashmere Cowl_3

Blocking this project went very well, the yarn is machine washable and I washed it on gentle cycle and then laid flat to dry.  This yarn knitted up nicely and even more exciting is it washed beautifully.  If you haven’t tried this pattern yet check it out by clicking here.  You won’t be sorry that you did!!


Mirasol Pima Splash

Pima Splash_1

This new yarn from Mirasol is 219 yards of 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton.  The chain construction gives the yarn bounce and keeps it lightweight and airy.  This is the perfect, fun, hand painted yarn to work up a spring top and we have five bright colorways to choose from!

Pima Splash_2

By purchasing Mirasol yarn you are supporting shepherds and their families in Peru.

Feza Alp Oriental

Feza Alp Oriental_3

Alp Oriental is the most artisan looking yarn in Feza’s collection.  Every ball is hand-tied with three strands of yarn held together to give you a super bulky gauge for quick knit and crochet projects.  The yarn includes the pre-cut fringe that can be attached to scarf/shawl projects without you having to cut your own.

Feza Alp Oriental_1

We have lots of Alp Oriental in a one-of-a-kind assortment called Just for You, each ball is unique with different fibers and color combinations. This quick shawl called Feza Super Easy by Fiber Circle Yarn in Farmersville, Texas is such a cute single ball project.

Feza Alp Oriental_2

It can be worn a couple different ways and would look so adorable with jeans and your favorite pair of boots.  Using a size 19-40″ circular needle this project fits sizes 6 to 14 but if you wish to make it larger, you can continue working the length with a second ball until the desired size is reached.  Just come by the store to pick out your favorite ball of ALP Oriental and a copy of the pattern.

New Hempathy


This spring yarn just came in and we are excited to get something started!!  Hempathy by Elsebeth Lavold is 35% Hemp, 41% Cotton, and 25% Modal rayon.  It will be the perfect lightweight yarn for your spring and summer projects.

Lovely Eyelets

Lovely Eyelets_3

This elegant shawl by Michelle Krause caught my eye immediately while browsing Ravelry.  I love the simple asymmetrical design, it is perfect for showing off so many of the fingering weight yarns that I couldn’t live without.  I have been holding on to this single skein of Jilly by Dream in Color yarn for a while now looking for the right pattern and Lovely Eyelets was the perfect fit.  The pattern starts out at one corner and ends with the long eyelet lace edging.

Lovely Eyelets_4_edited-1

The texture of the garter stitch combined with the eyelets shows off the beauty of this tonal yarn just perfect.  This color “Poppy” is so amazing, I don’t think I have seen a color of red any more beautiful in all my years of obsessing over yarn.  I’m sure you have a skein of yarn that you feel that way about.  If you want to try that perfect skein in this pattern just click here.