Blooming Flower Cushion

The Blooming Flower Cushion by Lucy of Attic24 is a vintage potholder design from the 1940’s that has been altered to make this cute little pillow.

Lucy has an awesome picture-heavy tutorial that explains precisely how the circle takes shape. With her very detailed explanation you should not have any trouble giving this whimsical pattern a whirl. L & B used 6 different colors of Berroco Comfort.

The project is just as cute in a solid, you could also try just a couple of colors alternating them or even a gradient pallet is really beautiful. Try using up stash yarn and make several to give away as gifts! To take a look at the pattern just click here.



One thought on “Blooming Flower Cushion

  1. Wow,
    Nice post! I love to make cushion and pillow cover with stash yarn. Love your beautiful style and color combination blooming flower cushion. I honor your great work. I recognize your blooming flower cushion. I will try to make your thought and style.
    Thanks for your great collaboration.

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