Quarry-Brooklyn Tweed

Brooklyn Tweed-Quarry

Now at L & B Yarn Co. Quarry is a chunky brother to Shelter and Loft inspired by roving-style “unspun” yarns, offered in pillowy 100-gram skeins. Three strands of the same lofty, woolen-spun Targhee-Columbia fleece, but rather than twisting the individual plies we nestle them together and gently spin the whole trio. The result is a plump yarn that looks like a single ply and has greater tensile strength and stitch definition than a true unspun yarn.

Quarry is offered in a new palette of thirteen heathered colors. The structure of this yarn blends the hues in a slightly striated way, reminding us of geological formations, so we gave each color the name of a mineral or gemstone.

Brooklyn Tweed

Brooklyn Tweed

The shipment we have been waiting for is here at L & B Yarn Co. L & B is excited to announce we are now a destination store for Brooklyn Tweed Products! We are currently unpacking every color in all 5 yarns: Loft, Arbor, Shelter, Quarry, and the newest member of the Brooklyn Tweed line Vale. Visit the Brooklyn Tweed website to take a look at the yarns and colors, just click here.

Brooklyn Tweed offered its first 100% American-made wool yarn and design collections in 2010. Their first yarn, Shelter, was the culmination of Jared Flood’s dream to create homegrown yarns that would preserve, support and sustain the tradition of U.S. textile production. Brooklyn Tweed moved west to Portland, Oregon in 2015, consolidating the headquarters and shipping operations that send unique, breed-specific yarns all around the globe.

The entire line is sourced, spun, and dyed here in the U.S. Come by the shop to check out this beautiful line you won’t believe how wonderful it is!!