Felted Bunnies

Needle Felt Bunnies_1

Spring is in the air and we have been needle felting up a storm.  If you have never needle felted before it is super fun and most of all very simple.  You can create lots of shapes with just a few supplies.  You will need a felting pad, felting needle, core wool, and some brightly colored curly locks.  We created these spring bunnies using a cookie cutter for our pattern.

Needle Felt Bunnies_2

Accent your favorite flowers with a bunny or make an entire bouquet of bunnies like we have done.  You could also string them to make a really cute spring garland!!  First lay your cookie cutter on your felting pad and place a small amount of core wool inside, then start punching with your felting needle, remember to punch straight up and down because the needles are fragile.  Once you have punched a bunny about 1/4″ thick from the core wool layer it with a small amount of your colored curly locks.  Punch your color on both sides and remove your bunny from the cookie cutter.  You should be able to see the shape of your bunny by now and can add the color to the edges.

Needle Felt Bunnies_3

We have everything you need to create these bunnies here at the store so come by to start creating your spring accent!

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