Messy Bun Hat Pattern


76 Yards of Chunky Weight Yarn-Tricked Out Ewe/The Incredible Bulk!

Size 10.5 Needle

Tapestry Needle


Gauge: 3 sts= 1”


Cast -On 52 Stitches connect in the round being careful not to twist, place marker

Step 1: *K2,P2* repeat * for 8 rounds

Step2: Purl 3 rounds

Step 3: Knit 3 rounds

Step 4: Steps 2 & 3 twice more

Step 5: Purl 1 round

Step 6: P2tog around (26 sts)

Step 7: Bind-off in purl

Weave in your ends

5 thoughts on “Messy Bun Hat Pattern

  1. Thank you for sharing the pattern! Ashley and I were just talking about this messy bun hat and then she shares the pic of the one you guys made out of her yarn! So very cool!

  2. If I were using a fingering weight yarn would I double the cast on stitches, and continue the pattern until the height suited me ? Tried a couple different crochet patterns and I’m not liking the result. My friend picked out the yarn so that’s what I have to use. Thanks for the help in advance!! 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah, We used a chunky weight so even if you hold the fingering weight double I’m thinking it might still be to thin. If you know how many stitches per inch you are getting you can multiply that number by your head circumference and cast on that amount. Then yes, continue until you like the height. Hope this helps!! -L & B

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