Risoni Bias Scarf

Risoni Bias Scarf_1

This brilliant Risoni Bias Scarf by Knit Purl with thanks to Kristin Ford is soft and lengthy, in an open knit that is perfect for multi-season wear. The pattern calls for 3 balls of Risoni silk yarn but we just used 2.  Either way just knit until you run out!  Risoni is a textural thick and thin, silk yarn with delectable slubs randomly throughout.

Risoni Bias Scarf_2

Risoni is made by The Loom and distributed by RYN Yarn here in the United States.  L & B Yarn has 10 colors available for the summer months.  The Loom started with the knowledge they have about silk and the passion they have for it.  After more than 40 years in silk yarn and fabric business they want to share the goodness and create unique yarns for weaving, knitting, crocheting and more.


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